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Rising Interest Rates

As equities continue their bullish run into 2017, there have been a few common questions that have continued to surface in conversations with our clients and professional partners… “What will happen to interest rates?” and“How will my bond portfolio be impacted if interest rates rise?”

The 50/50 Balanced Portfolio

There is no “perfect” allocation to stocks and bonds, as an individual’s allocation should be based on their portfolio’s ability to assume risk and their appetite for risk. For some, a mix of 0% stocks and 100% bonds may be sufficient.

Mutual Fund Capital Gains and Losses

As investors approach the end of each calendar year, attention often turns toward mutual fund capital gain distributions and the potential income taxes the distributions may generate.

Quarterly Commentary Archives

Quarterly Commentary Q4 – 2017

Market Performance Overview  Domestic equities continued their trend upward, with the S&P 500 contributing 6.6%in the quarter and 21.8% in 2017.  Foreign equities continued to produce strong returns due to a strengthening global economy and falling dollar.

Quarterly Commentary Q3 – 2017

Market Performance Overview – Domestic equities continued their trend upward, with the S&P 500 contributing 4.5% in the quarter (14.2% YTD.)

Quarterly Commentary Q2 – 2017

2017 has provided a reality check for policy hopes in the U.S. and political fears in Europe. In the U.S., hopes for significant fiscal stimulus have been dampened by ongoing political noise in Washington.