Here is how it works

A Conversation

Every client relationship
starts with a
simple conversation.


We are interested in learning about your circumstances and sharing more about our approach. At the end of the discussion, we collectively determine if it makes sense to have a more detailed conversation. If so, we will schedule a meeting. If not, we part as friends and look forward to a time we can assist you in the future.

Detailed Review

Working together, we gather detailed information about your current circumstances.


This may include assembling investment statements, income information, debt positions, real estate holdings, income tax returns and estate planning documents. This information will provide us the knowledge in knowing where you are at today and determine the strategies to get us to your goals and objectives tomorrow.

Financial Plan Review

We take the time, prior to a commitment,
to outline your plan.


This customized plan is a review of our recommendations and an outline of the strategies we suggest you implement. It breaks down highly complex issues into actionable items that will drive you closer to your stated objectives.

Decision Point

Only after a complete
review do we get to
the decision point.


If you decide to move forward with us, we will help you implement each area of the plan. Our job is not done here, but is just beginning. It is our fiduciary duty to help you stay on track and to update your plan when life changes occur.

What You Can Expect From Us

Regular Meetings

We want to meet with you at least once per year to ensure that your current plan still meets your goals and objectives. As your goals change, we want to make sure that proper changes are made to your plan.

Regular Communication

Our idea of customer service means regular and ongoing communication in addition to regular plan reviews. We provide our clients with timely market updates and quarterly investment reports detailing performance, risk exposure, and investment holdings. We prefer that lines of communication are always open.

Investment Oversight

We recognize that managing investments and portfolios may not be at the top of your list. You can rest assured that it is at the top of ours. We will make strategic changes as necessary to make sure your portfolio is positioned to best meet your goals and objectives.

Ready to get started?

“The one thing in life that is constant are the changes that occur. When your life changes, so should your plan. We can help you navigate the changes and incorporate them into your financial plan as they occur.”

Jordan Buffum, Wealth Manager
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