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The knowledge in knowing where you are and determining how to get us to your goals is at the heart of every plan.

Process Management

Our financial planning process breaks down highly complex issues into actionable items that drive your objectives.

Decision Point

It is our fiduciary duty to help you stay on track and to update your plan when life changes occur.

Financial Planning Services

Voisard Asset Management will sit down with you to discuss your financial investments.

Regular Meetings

As your goals change, we want to make proper changes to your plan.



We provide our clients with timely market updates and quarterly investment reports.

Investment Oversight

Voisard positions your portfolio to make sure it meets your goals and objectives.

Communication leads to success when you and our Rockford financial planners discuss your wealth management. Our holistic approach combined with our team of planning and investment professionals carries the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation and the Series 65 license.

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