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Future Stock Returns

About a month ago, we shared that valuations matter. This blog post will look at the valuation of the S&P …

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Market Returns After a Federal Reserve Hiking Cycle

The last Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate hike occurred on July 26, 2023. The Fed has held interest rates steady …

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Save Smarter, Not Harder: Practical Tips to Build Your Future Despite Rising Costs

Introduction:  Economic commentary suggests a strong consumer, but are wallets really feeling full? Inflation seems to be easing, yet consumer …

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P/E Matters

Sorry to disappoint, but we are not talking about Private Equity.  In this instance, we are referring to the price-to-earnings …

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The True Cost Of Buying And Owning A Home

The True Cost of Buying and Owning a Home

Homeownership is often seen as the American dream, a symbol of stability and financial security. But beyond the initial excitement …

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Master the art of managing money efficiently. Expert tips and strategies for financial success await. Start your journey today.

The Hidden Costs of Managing Your Own Money

The Hidden Costs of Managing Your Own Money There are costs—explicit and implicit—with managing a long-term investment portfolio yourself. Make …

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Charitable Giving Strategies - Alternatives to Cash

Charitable Giving Strategies – Alternatives to Cash

Looking to maximize your charitable impact while minimizing your tax burden? Explore effective charitable giving strategies for optimal results. Giving …

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College Savings Roadmap

Saving for college can seem daunting, but with the right strategies and planning, you can help ensure your loved one …

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How much will college cost and how much do I need to save?

The College Board conducts an annual survey that provides valuable insights into average college costs in the United States. Here …

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Roth IRA conversion

Convert and Pay Less?

Roth IRA conversions can be a powerful tax-saving strategy; however, it is important to be aware of how they work …

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Tax Sunset – What’s Coming?

A tax sunset refers to a situation in which provisions of the tax code are set to expire at a …

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Nearing College – What to Consider!

As a child approaches college, there are many things that parents should consider. One of the critical areas of concern …

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