How Does Voisard Help Position Me to
Achieve My Life Goals?

What do you want to do? That’s what’s driving our decisions when we create financial plans for our clients.

Cruising Along

What are the things that you should do to achieve your life goals? Financial goals can be scary, and retirement is a big word — it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track without help. Voisard will take a deeper dive on what the current savings rates are, how much you’re wanting to spend, and what goals you’re trying to achieve. Then, we’ll let you know if you’re on or off track. And if you’re not, here’s exactly what you should do to best position yourself to potentially achieve those financial goals.

We compare this to a cruise ship. If you’re on a cruise ship and you’re three degrees off-course, it’s not very hard to make a slight turn and to get back on course to get you to your destination. The longer people go without a review, and potentially making an adjustment, the harder and more painful the turn will be.

Our job is to outline a path, a very clear roadmap to help you achieve those financial goals. The sooner we make those adjustments the better off our clients are and the easier it is to hopefully meet their financial goals in the future.

Voisard can help with your life goals.

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More Frequently Asked Questions

We have great resources for all members of the plan, not just those that hired us. Watch to learn more.

Measuring success isn’t always about the final balance sheet. Watch to learn more.

Independent doesn’t mean restricted. We actually have more freedom to choose the best plans for your employees. Watch to learn more.

Our holistic approach covers more than simple retirement planning. Watch to learn more.

It’s not about timing the market. It’s about how much time you put into the market. Watch to learn more.

No rocks or hard places. Someone on the Voisard team will be here to help. Watch to learn more.

Sudden life changes mean the world to everyone involved, and that includes your holistic financial planners. Watch to learn more.

The first step of every good list is making sure you have the materials and know-how to complete it. Watch to learn more.

Maximizing your retirement is a multi-step process that should look different for everyone. Watch to learn more.

It’s all about the money, until it’s not. Watch to learn more.

We put our knowledge and career to the test for every client, and we will not compromise our integrity in this firm by doing otherwise. Watch to learn more.

We pride ourselves on open communication, and the fee agreement stage is at the forefront of that conversation. Watch to learn more.

Kickbacks usually come with other unscrupulous services, and that’s no way to start a client relationship. Watch to learn more.

When your financial planner is making more money from their services than you are on your plan, that’s a red flag. Watch to learn more.

There’s a short answer and a long answer, but it really all depends on communication. Watch to learn more.

Use our knowledge of the tax system to benefit you today, and in the future. Watch to learn more.

It’s perfectly normal to focus on growing your business. Just don’t forget about growing the rest of your life, too. Watch to learn more.