Why Should I Talk to Voisard About Life Markers?

Sudden life changes are impacting to everyone involved and that includes your holistic financial planners.

No Plan Is Set In Stone

We understand people get used to a way life is because that’s the way it’s always been. But things in life change: weddings, death, divorce, inheritance, major purchases. When these changes occur, it’s important to have a conversation about how that will impact the plan, positively or negatively. We’re nimble and efficient enough as a firm to help individuals navigate big life markers when they happen.

More than a few of the examples above happen suddenly, and our clients can feel overwhelmed. If the event is substantial in emotional weight and financial importance,  it might change what you’re trying to achieve in the future. Voisard will break the situation down into bite-sized pieces to make it easier to process.

Life markers may cause us to review the estate plan. If you’re working with an investment manager, they’re not always going to look at the estate plan. Since we are holistic planners who fully understand the situation, we know how these life changes really impact the entire landscape. If you overlook something simple, it could unknowingly alter your plan. While you can’t take things with you, we understand you want to make sure your goals and wishes are followed through and Voisard is there to assist.

Life markers can change your financial plan.

Let's Have a Conversation

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